Physics knols

2013 Knols - Origins of mechanics

by Petr Frish

Newtonian mechanics

  1. Sky before telescope

  2. Three Newton's laws

    Relativity Triptych

  3. Intro: What mc² is not

  4. Geometry and Physics

  5. Relativity Special and General

    Recent Knols (year 2014)

  6. Energy and other extremes

    Mathematical Tools

  7. Matrices, linear algebra

  8. Mathematical appendix for the above knols. Derivative, integral, Variation and more

  9. Scientific notation Orders of magnitude, scale of the universe

    Miscellaneous: forum, society

  10. Globalization pays me a visit Illustration of chaos theory by looking at US presidential election

    2014 knols (6-10) are in index 2


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